Convict Hill Quarry Park

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Work dates for the rest of 2007-January 2008

**Work hours are 9:00am - 12:00pm on all work days**
September 15-We removed huge stands of Johnson grass and weeds at the front of the park, relined trails with rocks, removed unwanted growth throughout the trail system, and raked mulch.
October 13-We worked on low-lying areas of the trail prone to flooding by raking back mulch, laying a base of flat rock, filling with dirt and re-covering with mulch. We raised each area several inches to make the trails walkable and help with drainage issues after rain.
November 10-We worked on more low-lying areas of trail prone to flooding
December 8-We had a *huge* turnout--21 volunteers!!! We worked on a long section of low-lying trail, pulled invasives and collected large flat rocks for our waterfall. It was a most productive work day!
January 12


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