Convict Hill Quarry Park

Sunday, February 18, 2007

We accomplished much on our 10 February 2007 work day!

Mother Nature threw us a quite curve ball the weekend of 13 January, turning the Quarry Park into a giant puddle then into a Winter Wonderland, forcing us to reschedule our work day to 20 January. She decided we needed more rain, so we cancelled our January work day to save our energy for 10 February. We had about 10 volunteers diligently working to clear broken cedar trees from the ice storm, a huge task. Additionally, we extended the southern and western trails. We cleared a stack of stones that someone had piled on the southern trail and we connected the stone boundary of the trail to the new sidewalk at the entrance. Pesky stumps were removed from the trails too! We also spread more mulch on the trails at the south end of the park. We are having a park dedication April 21. It is officially approved. And Congressman Doggett is attending, along with many local officials. The benches and fenceposts are to be installed soon. We still have a lot of work to do. Next work day is March 10, then the city-wide It's My Park day on April 14. Please plan to join us for these, and for the dedication.