Convict Hill Quarry Park

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

It’s My Park Day 14 April 2007

We had a very successful event with about 75 volunteers, mostly Boy Scouts (and fathers) working on an Eagle Scout project. There were 3 major scout projects. One was building a rock wall across the front (sidewalk) section of the park, another was creating a runoff for water coming from the drainage of the condos to the west, and one was building a step from the ledge near the western rear of the park. Other projects included attaching rails to the fence, general cleanup, removing some unwanted growth, and more rocks and mulch for trails.

The park looks great! One stone bench is finished (on the ledge) and the other is still being carved. Now there is just one entrance, which will lead visitors to the trail system. Our "curb appeal" is outstanding.


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