Convict Hill Quarry Park

Saturday, December 08, 2007

8 December 2007 work day--a recap

We had some seriously warm and humid weather for our work day today, with a record high in the mid 80s! Over 20 volunteers graciously gave their time and effort, including 3 neighborhood families with their children. It's so refreshing to see children appreciate nature and work incredibly hard while spending time with their parents! We raised an 80 foot section of low-lying trail near the back of the property, pulled out a nuisance stump we have all tripped over at least 12,000 times and began collecting very large and heavy flat rocks for our waterfall construction. We had the honor of having a Master Naturalist volunteer her time today; she worked with Joan removing nuisance invasives. Thanks so much ladies! Oh, and then there was the "Convict Hill Quarry Park" rendition of Grant Wood's American Gothic.


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